UPDATED 7/28/16: Pages 17-18 of Chapter 51

NEWS: Drawing goes well, and getting paid to do it is really neat. I missed this a lot, wow. I'm still rebuilding my queue, but if you don't want to wait you can read the pages as they're finished by supporting me on Patreon. One dollar is the minimum pledge, but $20 gets you a commission!

OLDS: Oh mannnn is there ever a lot to catch up on. First off, I have been doing really well on my arthritis meds, but I still couldn't draw without terrible pain, and my hands shook all the time. Starting this April, though, I have had surgeries on both hands to release the carpal tunnel. We did the right hand first, and a month later when it seemed to have cured the pain, the left. For a while after that, there was nothing to do but wait for my hands to heal up, which took forever. For a long time, I couldn't even grasp a pencil because my hand muscles were still very sore from the surgeries. Half a year later, I picked up my stylus and discovered drawing has become not only tolerable, but completely painless. PAINLESS! It doesn't hurt to draw, for the first time in 15 years! It is totally amazing! I'm still having trouble believing it! Look at all these bangs I'm using!!!

So yeah. I'm focusing right now on getting back on he horse after such a long time when I was not able to approach the stable without having a meltdown, and finding it a lot easier than I ever expected.

Finances being what they are, though, I need to earn filthy bux to do this as my job, so I've created a Patreon account, wih the goal of drawing for at least an hour each day. So far, so good! Now I'm working on the comic daily, with plans of building up a queue so I can resume posting regularly as soon as possible.

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