UPDATE FOR 10/8/13 - Coming back from my long hiatus to let you know I've fixed the site navigation. We lost the url in April because I couldn't afford the registration fee anymore, and I just never got around to changing over all the site links to I apologize for the mess and for the lack of communication. No, the comic's not dead. I'm just having serious arthritis problems in my fingers these days and the medications haven't quite fixed it yet. Also the depression makes it hard to feel like drawing or writing anything right now. Instead of forcing myself to draw the comic and hating it, I've decided to let it chill for as long as it takes. I got all the time in the world, unless I am eaten by a lion tomorrow (in which case, the spoilers will be released upon my death).

Issue 49 is now available from our Indyplanet webstore. No extras this issue, since we needed the entire page allotment for story. I am really really happy with how it looks on paper, man. You can actually see the SECRET CAMEO hidden in the Westborder crowd scene. Muahaha.

I have added a new link to the menu bar. It goes straight to my Formspring account, where the ANTI-FAQ is located. This is where you should go if you have questions about the comic. You don't even have to have an account, just click to pester me like a moth molesting a bug zapper on a warm July evening, and watch the amazing answers come crackling forth!

Kagerou is now in print, thanks to our buds at IndyPlanet.

Your tips make dreams come true. Yeah, even those dreams.